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The best time to publish videos on YouTube is 2023

 The best time to publish videos on YouTube is 2023

If you are a content creator on YouTube, the most important thing you should focus on is choosing the appropriate time and day to post your video.

so that the video is successful and reaches very high views in a short time.

 If you are suffering from the problem of determining the appropriate time to post videos on YouTube, then you are indeed at the right and appropriate place.

because in this Earn Net blog article, we will learn the best time and day to post videos on YouTube platform and get large views.

 In fact, the goal of choosing the best time to post videos on YouTube is to get the most views on the video within the first 24 hours of its release.

 And it will really benefit you a lot because the algorithms of the YouTube platform, if you see your video got high views in the first 24 hours then you will suggest it to other people.

 And you just have to read this post well because it contains a lot of valuable and useful information that will inevitably benefit you.

The best time to publish videos on YouTube is 2023

The right time to publish your videos on YouTube

As we said earlier, choosing the right time to post the videos on YouTube is among the most important steps you need to take care of well in order to get very high views.

So imagine with me, dear follower, that your video is very good in terms of editing and acting, and the topic of the video is popular and considered a trend.

and you've created a very cool thumbnail and a wonderful title, but you've posted at a bad time. In your opinion, does the video get a high percentage of views? Which you aspired to.

 but if you publish the video in good time, it will get high views and YouTube will serve it to a large number of people, and thus get very high views and interaction.

Now I think you know the importance of posting videos at appropriate time because it is one of the most important factors that can make a video successful or not.

The best days to post videos on YouTube

In fact, this step is very important if you really want your video to be successful in a very short time.

 which is simply determining the appropriate days to publish the videos on the YouTube platform.

 In general, the best days of the week to post videos on YouTube are Thursdays and Fridays as well as Saturdays.

 and I personally advise you to post videos these days.

Now you will tell me why these days are the best days to post videos on YouTube, I am just answering you dear follower. 

because these days are actually the best days for interaction on social media platforms including YouTube platform as there are large number of people accessing YouTube platform these days than other days.

 Therefore, if you want to choose suitable days to post videos on YouTube and get high interaction, then I recommend Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

 You can also monitor the stats on YouTube itself to know the best days, because people's experiences matter and at the same time your experience will be more effective.

 All you have to do is enter the YouTube studio, then go into the stats and enter the audience section.

The right time to publish your videos on YouTube

After knowing the best days to post videos on YouTube a little while ago, now we will know the best times to post videos on YouTube.

 In fact, we have chosen these times to publish the videos based on the statistics of all social networks, such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

In these platforms, interaction begins at four in the evening in winter, and in summer, interaction occurs on all social networking sites starting at five in the evening.

As a content creator, it's important that you post videos on YouTube right now, based on the month, to benefit as much as possible when the video is released.

 I will share with you very important moments in publishing videos for the year 2023:

  •  October to March: Posting time: 2, 3 or 4.
  • April to September: Posting time: 5, 6 or 7.
  • In the month of Ramadan: Posting time: 30 minutes after breakfast or after Tarawih prayer.

Video performance tool in the first 24 hours

And if you want to know a specific time for your channel and your content, you can do it using a tool found in your channel stats.

and indeed this tool is very interesting and useful, and there are a large number of content creators who make this tool.

 To access this tool, first enter your channel statistics, then click on "Advanced Mode".

then a new interface will appear and all you need to do is click on the word “Compared to” and then you will see an interface containing three options and what you need to do is click on the third option “Video performance in first 24 hours”.

After clicking on it, a new interface will appear to you, and the first thing you need to do is change the publication date to the latest year.

and this tool will present you all the videos you posted within a year, but in different colors, which are pink and blue.

 The pink color simply indicates the highest performing videos that got high views in the first 24 hours.

 while the blue color indicates the lowest performing videos that got low views during the first 24 hours.

 And now all you will do is click on the best performing videos and you will write the posting times of each video separately.

 then you will definitely find a good and appropriate time to post the videos on your channel.

 Top Frequently Asked Questions:

 Indeed, there are many requests and questions that many content creators ask on YouTube, including:

 Do I need to post new videos at a set time?

 In general it is not important that the timing of publication of your videos on YouTube is fixed, the important thing is to publish at the times when your audience is most active in order to attract more views and increase the spread rate.

 What's the best time to post new content on YouTube during the week?

 The best time to post videos on the YouTube platform is when there are the largest number of users on the platform, and according to YouTube platform statistics.

Friday, Saturday and Thursday are the days when there are more people on the YouTube platform.