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How to use a royalty-free video to profit from YouTubed

How to use a royalty-free video to profit from YouTubed

Many are looking for royalty-free videos, but the problem is how to use them in content and not look for them.

There are many sites that provide copyright-free videos that you can actually use on YouTube.

but after watching the video you find a message that you are using previously used videos, if what is the problem?.

 In this topic, I will share with you sites that offer free videos and paid videos to make money on YouTube.

but before using them on your YouTube channel, you need to read some tips to learn how to use a copyright-free video.

How to use a royalty-free video to profit from YouTube

Videos without rights

There are many royalty-free videos in the virtual world, and when we say royalty-free.

it's not like you steal videos from their owner and convert them for free.

no, but the videos that the owner of the video owns have licensed them to everyone. To these videos to profit from YouTube.

 When you use videos without rights, you are either the victim or you are successful, and the victim is the one who gets rejected when asking to review the Adsense content.

and the one that is successful is the one that is allowed to make a profit from Google AdSense.

YouTube is looking for meaningful content that brings added value with it in the content. 

He doesn't care if it's forbidden, legal or a trivial or educational video.

 What matters is not to deviate from its policy, both in terms of copyright and forum guidelines.

 Previously, on YouTube, we used royalty-free videos from well-known platforms.

 they actually offer royalty-free videos, and the videos used to be used in most of the channels with the sounds of the sea and the wind and contained songs... and youtube used to accept this type of video and maybe even now if i'm not mistaken.

 But recently I've noticed that many channels that use royalty-free videos are bombarded with not agreeing to make a profit on the review.

 knowing that they use free videos and they also put different sounds in the video and they don't put music ,Then where is the reason?

Why aren't videos monetized without rights?

There are many reasons why YouTube rejects your channel in the review.

 maybe because you add copyrighted music and songs, and you may have taken video from youtube, and many things, i will share with you and their reasons.

 Using other people's videos, as this is one of the most serious violations that steals direct videos or a specific part at an unusable rate.

Using Creative Commons licensed videos is also considered dangerous video on the channel. The reason is that the videos placed in the licensed section are not licensed. You need to monitor the owner of the channel, is he really the author of the video and is he really the one who licensed it.

 I don't recommend using it because maybe one day it will make it unlicensed.

 Using videos outside the YouTube platform because he believes they will not affect YouTube videos No, my beloved brother, you too are at risk by using external videos because the owner can dispute the content that has been submitted with proof that it is the owner of the property.

 The use of videos without copyright, but incorrect use, and this is the topic I want to talk about after we introduce you to the sites that provide video clips without rights

Upload a royalty-free video

The royalty-free video clips have become available on many sites and we told you that they are free and you can use them on YouTube and make profit.

but recently we've seen some people get disapproved for offering free videos and it's actually very strange, especially with the YouTube platform telling you that you can use free videos.


 Pixabay is one of the best sites that offers royalty-free videos.

 This site offers you a platform for downloading royalty-free video clips for use on YouTube.

Facebook and other social sites that support video uploading, also offers you the ability to download free images that can be used in blogs, websites, and even social sites.

You will tell how this site can benefit from providing free videos and photos. Yes, the site benefits from two aspects namely:

  The site benefits from subscriptions that come from people who want to upload a larger image, and we say here that it often benefits from emails that go into Markotink's email.

 The site makes a profit from the istockphoto site for selling photos on the Internet, and here it is possible that you make a percentage or the entire profit, but how?

 It is possible that the istockphoto site is linked to the pixabay site, and the profits are the same, and whoever buys the company's profits.

 It is possible that pixabay earns a percentage of istockphotos every time someone enters from a link or an ad located on pixabay.

  The last possibility is that in return it makes an announcement for them, whether people enter or not.


 Pexels provides the same service as any website to download photos and videos without copyright.

 and among the advantages is that of providing photos and videos of the size of social sites such as Instagram and Tik Tok… .


 storyblocks is one of the most powerful sites for selling photos, videos and audios.

This site offers you videos for a rate that does not exceed $30 per month, with the option of providing 4K videos.

 This site offers you rare videos and you can use them freely and don't be afraid of them or anything as long as you are the one buying the videos, do what you want however you want.

How to use a royalty-free video

If you are looking for how to use videos that do not contain rights, we first need to know what type of content you are working on, then I will share with you according to the type of content you provide.

 I will share with you only my experience.

 The use of royalty-free videos in stories channels: often or say 0.50%, the channel is not accepted for copyright review.

The reason is that you provide stories with no added value, i.e. you use your voice with effects from the YouTube library, and that's in case you don't appear in the channel.

 In case you appear on the channel, you are working 100% with added value and there is no doubt, even if you have used these free videos.

You can also use clips from YouTube videos related to the content being featured, and let's say for example:

 You have an argument about kung fu techniques, so it was necessary to take a clip from Bruce Lee's film, which does not exceed 9 seconds.

 Here, there is no problem with reducing the video quality and creating a moving or blurry background. (This is called fair use).

  The use of royalty-free video clips in document channels: In relation to free videos on document channels.

 you also need an added value, you must include animated images with an audio commentary, and you can also use clips from other documents that express the film you are talking about.

but as we said in the first place, do not exceed 9 seconds, as here there is no problem with reducing the video quality and creating a choppy or blurry background.

 Using royalty-free video clips in nature channels: You can actually use silent videos where you don't speak, but there are nature sounds like sea sounds.

 of wind, rain and thunder, and add related videos to them, but recently in the year 2022 I started to notice that some channels are being rejected because of you own the copyrighted video.

 I think 100% that those who work in this third way do not know how to add value to the video. 

 Because to add videos with the sounds of the sea, you have to be an artist and insert a video into a video, adding professional and not random audio touches.