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Errors in verifying ownership of Google Adsense with ID card 2023

Errors in verifying ownership of Google Adsense with ID card 2023

Proof of ownership of Google Adsense has nothing to do with adding complete ownership of YouTube.

only people use addresses by entering youtube because many people think youtube is interested in the matter.

 but the truth is that the matter is related to Google Adsense because it deals with the matter and it is the one who receives money from it.

and personal information is in Adsense and fill out the tax in Adsense with the same information, but there are some points that are not understood by a large number of people, which are on the complete information in the card.

It should be consistent and similar to the entire Adsense information, meaning what is in the card is what should or should not be in the payment information in adsense.

 Many people suffer from the problem of verifying the ownership of Google Adsense with their ID card, and the reason is because they don't live in the same city.

 and often have Adsense information with mailbox information, and maybe residence information is inconsistent with card ID and many other reasons that make people confused by his order and unanswered.

that's why on the profit from blogger Hisham Hashim Al-Arouji's internet site irbahnet, we'll share with you the truth behind proof of ownership and what you should do.

Errors in verifying ownership of Google Adsense with ID card 2023

How to verify ownership of Google Adsense with an ID card

To prove ownership of AdSense, you must have an ID, Passport and Driver's License and the photo must be on both sides.

front and back, to show the identification number consistent with the two interfaces, if present in your country, of course.

and the third condition is that you must take a clear and non-transparent photo or light it Hides the card information.

 and it is preferable that it be printed in the library in a large format and in color, so that approval is 100% guaranteed.

Does proof of ownership of Adsense contain the same information as payments?

Here, many YouTubers and bloggers who profit from Google Adsense find it difficult to understand the ownership verification law.

and this is not their fault, but rather the policy which was not crystal clear, so to prove the ownership of Adsense with identity. 

it is necessary to have the ID card only with the same personal name and family. As for the residential address, in this case it does not matter, i.e.:

 Ho aggiunto le informazioni sull'alloggio in Google Adsense: città di Agadir, quartiere di Dakhla, numero civico 300, il nome è Hisham Al-Arouji.

 I added tax information: Agadir city, Dakhla district, house number 300, name is Hisham Larouji.

 Identity Card: There is the city of Agadir, Al-Quds neighborhood, house number 120, the name is Hisham Al-Arouji.

 This process is to prove ownership of Google Adsense with your ID card, that's no problem because you've provided them with your full name along with your ID number, and that's what counts, not your home address.

 This is what I can share with you about internet blog profit, and I wish you success, and we ask God to guide us to what he loves and is happy with, and peace be upon you.