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Steps to create a high-quality and profitable YouTube channel

 The YouTube platform is the third largest platform on the Internet after Google and Facebook, and YouTube is one of the largest platforms ever in terms of the number of viewers, and hundreds of millions of hours of video clips are watched through it. This is a social medium that can receive video clips and allow users to watch, share and comment on them, but the first goal of all this is that the goal of YouTube channel owners is to generate income and profit from them. That is why we find a large number of people who have achieved great fame and huge profits through YouTube, by providing visual content in many disciplines.

Therefore, YouTube users will not find it difficult to search for what they like, and YouTube gives the possibility of developing very profitable activities for channel owners, as well as for companies and major brands. Thus, YouTube became an effective role, both from a social and economic point of view. That is why many people would like to create their own channels on YouTube, in order to achieve profit on the one hand and fame on the other hand.

In order to achieve this goal, a set of important things must be taken into account, so that you can have a profitable YouTube channel.

In this article, through our blog floormatsnmore, we will try to clarify a set of important issues, especially for those interested in creating a good and profitable YouTube channel at the same time. All you have to do, dear reader, is follow these steps in order to be able to arrange your perceptions and create your own channel on YouTube comfortably.

Steps to create a high-quality and profitable YouTube channel

How to create a YouTube channel and profit from it

Opening a YouTube channel and profiting from it has become an obsession for a large number of people, and you may be one of those people. Before embarking on the stages of creating a channel on YouTube, you must be ready to create a channel on this giant platform, and then decide in advance on some steps that can cross the road for you, until you have your own channel on YouTube, and among these The steps we find:

  • Determine the field that you want to work on in your YouTube channel, or in other words, the type of content that you will provide on your channel. That is why specialization is considered one of the most important things for the success of the channel, so what you have to do is to focus on a specific field from the many available fields, such as the educational, entertainment, scientific and sports fields … to other fields.

  • Choose the name with great care for your own channel, so that it can be an attractive and easy name that makes visitors remember it easily whenever they want to follow the latest developments related to your channel. Therefore, this part cannot be neglected, but it can be given special attention, so that the appropriate name for the channel can be chosen and it is related to the field on which it will work.

  • Work to provide the necessary capabilities, for how to produce the content that you will present on your YouTube channel, from photography tools, lighting, sound, computers, video editing programs... to other tools that make your videos look great, in addition to the quality of the content.

Developing a clear plan and strategy that meets these conditions that we mentioned in order to create a private channel on YouTube will make creating it very easy, and this is what we will address through a set of steps.

Stages of creating a YouTube channel

A YouTube channel is created through a set of stages, which are:

  1. Availability on Google account.
  2. Create your own YouTube channel.
  3. Choose a name for your YouTube channel.
  4. Click on the Create Channel icon.

1- Availability on a Google account

One of the important things that you must have in order to create a YouTube channel is the availability of your Google account. So that Google gives you the ability to watch the content of YouTube channels, subscribe to them, and comment on them, but it does not create a YouTube channel for you automatically. Start creating a YouTube channel.

2- Create your own YouTube channel

Go to the home page of the YouTube platform, then go to the YouTube settings so that you will find at the top of the YouTube pages on the left, a list that has a set of options, so what you have to do is click on the settings icon. And after that, click on your profile button, then in your settings field, click on the My Channel button, and then on the Create YouTube channel button. Here you will have the possibility to create your own channel under your name or create a channel under a commercial name.

3- Choose a name for your YouTube channel

Choose the name that you want to be the name of your YouTube channel, preferably a small name that is easy to remember.

4- Click on the Create Channel icon

And after this last step, click on the Create icon. Now you have your own YouTube channel.

What are the stages of creating a video on your YouTube channel?

The stage of creating a video on your YouTube channel is an important stage, as it did not come arbitrarily, but rather came after defining a solid strategy on how your content will be created, and for this you must:

1- Setting up your own page on YouTube, and this step is very important because it provides the user with everything you want to tell them, in addition to providing them with how to communicate with you in different ways, whether through your email or your own pages on social networking sites. It will also provide you with an important service, which is to obtain a strong internal backlink for your videos, which helps them spread in an accelerated manner.

2- Determine the keywords for your video, or specify the words related to it with the preparation of a written description, which contains words that have an important turnout in terms of monthly searches in search engines.

3- Work on creating good and exclusive content that makes the viewer follow the video to the last. And this particular point plays a pivotal role on the part of Google regarding the success or failure of the video.

4- Work to make the video attractive from the first sight, by placing an attractive title that begins with a keyword accompanying a thumbnail image that expresses the content of the video, as well as taking care of describing the video in a distinctive format that takes into account the keywords, while working to add the video link at the beginning of the description.

How to increase views and engagement with your YouTube video

After creating the channel on YouTube, and arranging all the necessary settings for the channel. And this is done through a brief description of this private channel on YouTube, relying on a set of criteria such as keywords, and then proceeding to download a video on your private channel on YouTube.

And here we enter into another juncture, which is how you can increase views, or interact with your video on YouTube.

In order to achieve this goal, several very important things must be worked on, namely:

  1. Search for the means that make you appear in the first results, through the search results in YouTube and other search engines such as Google.
  2. Work on the appearance of your own videos with the videos suggested by YouTube.
  3. Work to provide high quality content on your YouTube channel.
  4. Work on selecting the appropriate keywords, so that they have a relationship with the video, as well as investing them in a good way in the title and description of the video.
  5. Work on creating a good and attractive thumbnail that drives the visitor's curiosity to enter and watch the video.
  6. Diligence in making a very good video gives a professional impression that makes the viewer want to watch it until the last minute.
  7. Work on exploiting social networking sites for the benefit of your own channel on YouTube, and displaying your videos on it to gain more views and subscribers.
  8. Work on publishing videos on your YouTube channel in an ongoing way, so that you are loyal viewers of your channel.
  9. Carrying out paid advertising campaigns to promote your videos.
  10. Pay attention to the technical aspect of the videos that you will display on your YouTube channel, especially the quality of sound and image.
  11. It is important that the video extension is MP4.
  12. You must take into account the video size, which is 1280 * 720, as this is one of the preferred sizes for YouTube.
  13. It is recommended that the duration of your video on YouTube not be less than five minutes, and whenever the content is good and its duration exceeds five minutes, the better it is, because it makes the visitor stay as long as possible on YouTube, which makes your chances of profiting from this video stronger.
  14. Ensure that you achieve 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers in order to start activating ads on your YouTube channel and earn money from it.
  15. You should try to feature your videos from time to time.

How to link your YouTube channel to Google Adsense

1- You must go to the channel settings, then click on linking the Adsense account with your YouTube channel. And when you open the Adsense page, you must follow the required steps through your Gmail account, then fill out a form with your private data, which must be correct.

2- You must also register your full name with the address on your ID card, and your profits cannot be withdrawn until you reach a minimum amount of $100 to receive those profits.

Thus, we have met in this article, through the floormatsnmore blog, the most important steps that can be followed to create your own YouTube channel, and make it a successful channel by all criteria, through which significant profits can be achieved.

And if you like the topic, leave a comment, so that we can work more to provide you with the necessary information through a group of topics.