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Earn $10 per day by watching ads through the cashzine app (withdraw money via paypal)

In the play store there are many well, known applications for making money from the Internet quickly, these applications are directed to Android phones to enable users to use their time in simple work to earn some dollars instead of spending it on useless things, but of course not all of them are honest and pay for this in a subject Today on floormatsnmore, we decided to explain the cashzine application to earn paypal balance, and it is possible to withdraw even via usdt currency, and credit to charge phones to all countries of the world.

Earn $10 per day by watching ads through the cashzine app (withdraw money via paypal)

 Earn money by watching ads and the latest news via the cashzine app

The developers of the cashzine application relied on an easy and effective way to collect points. Since the application is its first means of profit, it depends on collecting points and converting them to earn money. They have added many features to enable users to collect the largest number of points and reach the minimum withdrawal limit easily.

Among all the features in it for collecting points, the way to earn money is preceded by watching ads and the latest news. From every news you see or every pop-up ad you may see, you will get certain points, and the amount of points given varies from time to time. 22 points can be collected from news and 40 points can be collected. or more from one news to another.

The application contains the daily login gifts feature for the application. When you log in to your account in the application every day, it gives you a number of points starting on the first day about 10 points, then increasing with the passage of days.

How to earn money from referrals from the cashzine app

The cashzine application to quickly earn money from the Internet by watching ads and news contains a very cool referral program that is different from the rest of the applications, as you can earn up to 30,000 points from one referral, for new registrants, and after that, the referral value decreases to 21,000 points, but with that it remains Points value is high and greater than all other applications.

In order to earn from referrals, you must invite your friends on the communication sites, so that they register in the application through you, and that is by sharing your referral link that you will bring from your account, and you can let them download the application from the store and then give them your referral code to enter it in its designated field and earn the same link points.

The conditions for your earning many points from the referral program depends on the activity of the people you invite to register via your link. The more the person is active in his account for a long period of time, the more points you earn.

How to download and register an account in the cashizne application

It's okay before we start laying out the steps for downloading the application and registering, we want to point out to you that the application allows opening only one account for each phone, to prevent any fraudulent attempts to collect points by users, and now here are the steps to download and open the account.

Download the application from the play store as a regular user with 0 points, but if you want to earn 8 thousand points directly as a user referred by me, you can download the application through me by clicking on  cashzine.

After opening the application on your phone, an interface will come to you telling you that once you invite someone, you will win 30,000 points. You will press start, and then you will be transferred to the account opening field.

You can open your account through two platforms, the first is through your Facebook account, by choosing it and logging in through your Facebook account, and the second is through your Google account, by choosing your account on and logging in directly to it.

After setting up your account, whether on Facebook or Google, the last step comes to you, which is to choose the country in which you reside, and here you must choose your correct country so that everything is identical, you press OK and the application interface will pop up with you, and here you have completed the registration.

How to withdraw money from the application and the payment methods available in it.

To withdraw your money from the cashzine application to quickly earn money from the Internet by watching ads and news, you must reach the minimum points, my father starts from 60,000 points, and every 60,000 points equals $2 for withdrawal via Paypal balance, and $5 for withdrawal via usdt currency and for To ship balances in the world, this value varies according to the country.

The available payment methods are recharging the PayPal balance and recharging the mobile phone balances, and that is to all countries of the world, and also through the usdt currency, and my father can request payment with it from the application.