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Top 10 ways to earn money from Google | How to earn 100$ dollars a day from Google

 Did you know that you can earn $100 a day from Google?

You may have been a little surprised by how to earn 100$ per day from Google. Do you mean that I work as a description for Google?

No, no, dear reader, we are not talking about this, but rather we will discuss ways that will enable you to profit from Google.

Yes, as I read about making money from Google, so whether you are one of those who know that it is possible to profit from Google and you want to know an explanation of the 10 best ways, or you are one of those who just heard about this method, this article is written for you.

In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss ways to profit from Google and how to earn 100$ per day from Google, and we will share with you some strategies, secrets, and some tips in order to double the profit and get more than 100$ every day.

Where we will discuss today, in the floormatsnmore blog, ways to make money from the Internet, such as profit from Google Maps, profit from Google Adsense, profit from Gmail, Google, and many different and very profitable ways.

Therefore, I advise you to continue reading to the last word, and as usual, it is better if you sit in a quiet place and prepare your favorite drink, because the trip will take a little longer, but you will not come out to a very great benefit.

Top 10 ways to earn money from Google | How to earn 100$ dollars a day from Google

How to earn 100$ dollars a day from Google

Google is considered one of the largest companies ever, and it is the first default search engine in the world, and it was founded in 1996 by Larry Page and Sergueï Brin.

Since then, Google has provided job opportunities for millions of people, either directly or indirectly.

Here is an explanation of the top 10 different ways to profit from Google:

1.Profit from Google Adsense

Profit from Adsense is one of the first ways in the list of the top 10 ways to earn money from Google, as it is among the most famous and easiest ways ever.

And you can profit by creating a YouTube channel, an electronic blog, or even by creating an electronic application and publishing it online.

What is Google Adsense?

Adsense or Google Adsense is a platform affiliated with Google, which plays the role of mediator between publishers or content makers and advertisers.

When you watch any video on YouTube, you will often see a group of ads inside the video. These ads are affiliated with Google Adsense, and you can earn money for every 1000 views of the ad.

It is also possible to profit through the ads that appear on your blog and profit through the clicks that you get in each advertisement.
You can earn from Google Adsense in several ways and using many platforms where you can earn through:

Profit from Google Adsense through YouTube

YouTube is a platform for publishing videos, where you can publish videos on YouTube and after you meet a set of certain conditions, you send a request for acceptance to Adsense.

After you are accepted, ads will appear in the middle of your videos, and the more views you get, the more money you will earn.

Profit from Google Adsense through blogging

One of the most profitable ways to earn from Google Adsense is by blogging, where you can earn thousands of dollars just by creating a blog and starting writing articles and publishing content.

It is very simple, and it consists of the following points:

  • Create a blog.
  • Create content.
  • Submit your acceptance request to AdSense.
  • Start getting more visitors.
  • Start earning from AdSense by blogging.

Profit from Google Adsense by creating applications

Few people know that this method exists, but it is considered among the most profitable ways ever, as you can create an application and publish it in the Google Play Store or the App Store, and when ads appear in the application interface, you will start earning money.

However, the difference here is the type of platform that you use, instead of displaying ads and profits in the Google Adsense platform, they will be displayed in the Admob platform on the applications.

You may think that it is difficult and that creating an electronic application is impossible for you, but I am happy to shock you, dear reader, and say that you can, in less than 30 minutes, create a professional and attractive application that reaps thousands and perhaps millions of views.

2. Profit from Google Maps

This may sound like a joke, or I just want to put a word after Google, so I put a map, but it is actually possible to profit from Google Maps.

By using Google Map, you can earn $ 100 per day from Google. You may be wondering, well, I am convinced that it is possible to profit from Google Map, but what is the method and how is that possible?

There are several ways to profit from Google Maps, which are as follows:

Providing services for adding shops to Google Maps

One of the ways that you can make money from Google Maps is by providing services to add companies and shops to Google Maps, as many companies and shops want to market their project through Google Maps.

You can take advantage of the huge and heavy demand for this service and sell it, whether through micro-service sites or through direct sales and meeting customers directly.

I advise you to create a marketing script and start offering the service to the shops in your city.

Respond to comments in Google Maps

A very easy way to earn money from Google Maps, which is to respond to comments that come to the company or shop that were added to Google Maps.

Any store on Google Maps receives a lot of inquiries and questions, and the owner of the store cannot answer them himself, so he employs you in order to answer comments and inquiries in return for a certain amount of money.

3. Profit from Google Ads

Google Ads is a Google platform that enables advertisers to create and publish paid ads on Google.

Google Ads is Google's advertising platform and is the platform advertisers use to place these ads on websites, YouTube channels, or in Google's search results.

You can promote and advertise your blog using Google Ads in order to achieve more visits and lead search engines. You can also advertise your channel, online store, or project online.

Although it looks great by advertising for your channel and blog paid through Google Ads, Google Ads requires experience, knowledge and study before starting the advertisement, as you can watch courses and courses before starting to use Google Ads.

4. Profit from Google Admob

Google AdMob is a program similar to Google Adsense, except that it is dedicated to advertisements on smart phone applications, Android and iPhone applications.

And mostly when you use any application or play any game, you may see a group of ads in the application.

These ads are Admob ads, and through them, the owner of the application earns money.

You can also do the same and start making money from the Internet and making money from Google through the Admob program and creating smart applications.

If you are really asking about how to earn 100$ per day from Google, the field of applications is among the strongest and best ways to earn no more than 100$ per day, and this is not a dream but a reality that you must believe in.

5. Profit from Google Photos

Profit from Google Maps is one of the ways many people earn money.

Where you can earn thousands of dollars a month by selling Google Maps images on a group of popular image selling sites.

Among the best sites for profit from selling photos are as follows:

  1. Shutterstock website.
  2. Alamy site.
  3. Fotolia website.
  4. iStock website.
  5. EyeEm website.
  6. Snapwi website.
  7. Twenty20 website.
  8. Markedshot website.
  9. Bylined website.
  10. Coinaphoto.

6. Profit from Google Gmail

Do not be surprised, dear reader, because there are currently people who have millions of dollars in wealth by profiting from Gmail, Google. Yes, as I have heard, thousands of dollars can be earned from Gmail per month.

Have you ever heard of affiliate marketing, you may have heard about it, right? We have touched on explaining affiliate marketing in a group of articles on the blog, which I will leave for you below.

Simply profiting from Gmail depends on e-marketing via e-mail, where you can collect emails from people interested in specific fields and specific products and start sending commission marketing offers and products and profit from referrals as well.

Email marketing is considered among the most profitable areas, from which tens of people make thousands of dollars per month.

Especially if you are good at marketing and marketing skills, you will often realize the amount of profits in this field.

We will not go into detail on how to profit from marketing via e-mail and Gmail, so as not to take too long, so wait for a comprehensive article about profit from Gmail.

7. Google Play profit

We have previously touched on profit from Google Admob, and it is almost the same thing, where you can create electronic applications for the smartphone and publish them on Google Play and profit, whether from selling a service within the application, selling a product, or profiting only from Admob ads.

Or you can create a professional application and publish it on Google Play, and when it reaches a certain level, you can sell it and make very large profits.

8. Profit from the Blogger platform

The Blogger platform is a platform affiliated with Google and will enable you to create a free and professional blog with a free domain and start earning through blogging, whether through profit from Adsense or through profit from affiliate marketing offers and profit from referral.

9. Profit from the GOOGLE MY BUSINESS platform

At the beginning of the article, we discussed how to profit from adding companies and shops to Google Maps and profit from them.

If you did more research on the method and how to add any store to Google Maps, you may have heard about GOOGLE MY BUSINESS.

Through this platform, you can easily do this. You can add shops, photos and logos in Google Maps.

Not only that, but you can add and publish your services on the platform and get a rating from your customers.

And the more ratings you get, the greater the chance of getting more visits, more customers, more search engines, and more profits.

10. Profit from selling Google Books

You can start earning more than 100$ from Google per day by publishing books on the Google Books platform, where you can sell e-books for money on the platform.

You can create e-books in pdf format, publish them on the Google Books platform, and start profiting from selling books.